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  Cultural Center "Saglasie - Debelets" Debelets

Cultural Center "Saglasie" Debelets, Bulgaria was founded in December 18, 1932

National Cultural Center "Saglasie - Debelets" was established in 1887 at the initiative of local teacher Doncho Momchev Hadjiev. The next year was played and the first theatrical production.
On December 18, 1932 opened the community center building, built in four months with the volunteer work and donations debelchani.

Group: Children's dance group "Kokiche", Studio Theater, Chamber urban songs "Retroritam" and authentic folklore group "Rosen zdravets".
Community Center "Saglasie - Debelets"
75 Patriarch Evtimii Str.
District Veliko Tarnovo

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Cultural Center "Saglsie- Debelets" - Debelets, Bulgaria is included in the initiative "Ayde of horoto" (Come to the dance) on May 18, 2009 under No. 52.
Request for donation was signed by Petar Kolev - Chairman.
Contact Yuliana Stefanova - Secretary.

Donated CDs of folk music are:
1. CD Balkanfolk 2000 - Bulgarian folk dances
2. CD Balkanfolk 2002 - Bulgarian folk dances
3. CD Balkanfolk 2005 - Bulgarian folk dances
4. CD Balkanfolk 2006 - Bulgarian folk dances
5. CD Balkanfolk 2007 - Bulgarian folk dances
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